Finding a guide to help prepare the ALP has not been easy. I'm relieved that someone refered me to your site. Perhaps because this is so new to most of us, the communication regarding guidelines to complete the ALP has been poor and spotty. Thanks for making this straightforward, simple, and professional. --Kevin G.
But really - why I like it - it makes a dull job over with quickly. Like most teachers I hate the ALP and this makes it a breeze. At our first staff meeting I will be informing everyone at my school about this site. Thank-you for putting in the time in creating this. Great job! --Daryl O.
I used this site last year and found it beneficial and user friendly. --Dave B.
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!! --Carolyn K.
Thank you for this tool. ...I will certainly be passing along this website. Thanks again. --Kim T.
This website was such a helpful tool for completing the Annual Learning Plan. It likely saved me 45 min. of work! This was such a great idea! --Kelly P.